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Manufactures and offer small and medium-single parts, spare parts and assemblies for all branches of engineering. Perform machining of metal parts.

Specifics of the activity:

  • Production of individual parts and units in according to the drawings of the contracting authority
  • Design works and develop activities
  • Fast processing of orders and deliveries

The production range includes

Machining / turning operations on CNC machines, milling, processing milling centers with CNC – control

Processed materials:

  • Unalloyed and low alloyed steels
  • Casting - steel, cast iron
  • Aluminum alloys / pressings and castings /
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Industrial Plastics

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"TILL INDUSTRIAL Gabrovo" Ltd     5300 Gabrovo     31, Batak str.           phone./fax: +359 66 860144           mobile: +359 888 920571

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